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Hawaii Plantation Museum

April 2015 Vol. II No. IV



Did you know...

• Most of the sugar plantation workers brought musical instruments to Hawaii from the country they came from to entertain and relax after working in the sugar fields all day. Many formed their own band and played for parties, weddings, and their country holidays. We have an exhibit at the museum showing some of the instruments brought to Hawaii. Come visit and see the instruments.

Question of the Month: What does Hakalau mean?


• REUNIONS: Special group rates for visitors having a family or a class reunion. Contact the museum at (808) 964-5151 to schedule your visit.

• The Other Day” Museum 2015 Calendars are now available for $10. The calendar has information of Mules, Horses and Oxen used in the old days by all sugar plantations before trucks and tractors.

• T-shirts are also available for $20 each.