Hawaii Plantation Museum

March 2015 Vol. II No. III



Did you know...

• Hawaii Sugar Plantations brought immigrant sugar workers from 1852 to 1913; 46,000 from China, 17,500 from Portugal, 180,000 from Japan, 2,500 South Sea Islanders, 600 from Norway, 1,300 from Germany, 8,000 from Korea, 6,000 from Puerto Rico, 2,000 from Russia, 120,000 from Philippines, 2,000 from Russia, and 8,000 from Spain. The average pay was $15 per month for 26 days work. Some of the workers returned home after they completed their contract but most of them stayed in Hawaii working for the sugar companies and few started their own business.

• Museum Contest of the Month. We have a jar of old marbles donated by Patsy Yano from Papaikou. Guess how many marbles are in the jar and win a museum T-shirt.

• Question last month? Do you know what the pidgin words “Shi Shi” mean? And from what language... Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean or ?

• Answer: Means to urinate and everybody said Japan but according to the Portuguese Genealogical & Historical Society of Hawaii it is the Portuguese word “xixi” is pronounced “she she” which the origin is Azorean and using pidgin became Shi Shi.


• REUNIONS: Special group rates for visitors having a family or a class reunion. Contact the museum at (808) 964-5151 to schedule your visit.

• The Other Day” Museum 2015 Calendars are now available for $10. The calendar has information of Mules, Horses and Oxen used in the old days by all sugar plantations before trucks and tractors.

• T-shirts are also available for $20 each.